Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Southern Snob Giveaway: Winners!

Again, major thanks to Southern SNOB for awarding 7 winners prize packs!

Here are the LUCKY winners (according to the username--and blog listed--that you used to enter and random.org)!! 

1. Leslin of "Southern Waters"
2. "Sassafrat"
3. Katelyn W. of "Living Life in Limbo"
5. ACaverly
6. SLE of "Northern Native
7. eTm of "Simply Southern Me"

If all of you could send me an email at letsbepreppy (at) gmail (dot) com that would be wonderful! I will put you in contact with the right peeps at Southern SNOB and you can get all the goodies!!



Anonymous said...

I emailed you. :) yay!! so excited!

Royar said...

I'm so excited! Just emailed you!