Friday, December 23, 2011

New Year's Eve (the Movie!)

I know with Christmas in T-minus 2 days, everyone's brains are on that, but I'm referring to "New Year's Eve" the movie! I saw it as part of a work Christmas party (so that counts as Christmas-y, right?) and wanted to share--without spoiling--it with y'all!
This was  my favorite storyline of the movie! It was sweet and silly and fun to watch. Zac Efron is as cute as ever however in a few parts he looks a little over spray-tanned! Anyway, tan or not, I loved watching these two go back and forth for their plot line.
Although sometimes annoying, the Katherine Heigl/Bon Jovi (random?) was my next favorite plot line. They were the funniest pairing of people and the fact that Bon Jovi was even in the movie was funny in my opinion! 
Third favorite wasn't this pair, but just the idea of Ludacris being an actor. This rapper-now-apparently-actor had a total of maybe 20 lines in the movie. It was just surprising to see him as an actor in a movie like this! Here's to a big cast, right?

Have you seen NYE? Did you like it? For me it was a fun way to kick off the holiday season!



Preppy Girl Meets World said...

I'm hopefully seeing it tonight with my husband. (Against his will!)

Emily said...

I really want to see it. It got such bad reviews, but I've noticed I usually love movies that the critics hate!

xx Emily @

Elizabeth said...

I haven't seen it yet but it definitely looks like a fun movie!

Casey said...

My sister & I saw it. Bring Kleenex or a hanky - it made us cry. Any movie with Jon Bon Jovi and Josh Duhamel is worthy of my money. But it makes any possible NYE plans seem......lame by comparison.

Kindra said...

totally agree with ya!

dWa said...

I saw it and I loved it!! So much better than Valentines Day and really funny too!