Thursday, January 26, 2012

Let's Flamingle!

This set of cocktail napkins from the Lifeguard Press line of giftables for Lilly Pulitzer is one of my favorite items from the collection!! 

How stinkin' cute is that tagline:
Let's Flamingle!

These would be SO MUCH FUN to have at a party! I even think it would be fun to paint on something and frame or use as a decoration! I'm loving the "Fan Dance" print, but my fave from this Spring collection is easily Chum Bucket! I hope that Lilly included it a bunch in their upcoming shipments of clothing. I'll let y'all look it up and enjoy it too!!

What are you favorite items from the Lifeguard Press collection? Which one is your favorite print? Have you gotten a chance to check it out in a store yet?



Portuguese Prepster said...

love these!!!!! My school bookstore sells Lifeguard press Lilly products so I will have to head there after class.

Anonymous said...

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Amanda C. Bee said...

Haha, flamingle! Miss you!!

little miss southern love. said...

love this print!


busanalayali said...

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