Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Outfit of the Day: Out & About

People often ask if my Polyvore outfits are what I really wear! I just wanted to say that yes, they sure are! I document what I wear to work, class, events out, everything! I talked about that Posh and Panache event from a few weeks ago, and the photographer there was able to snap a few photos of us!

Earlier that day I was deciding what I was going to wear and I Polyvore-ed what I decided on:
February 11

I try my best to make my Polyvore sets as accurate and close to the real thing as possible! Pretty close right?

I've been all over these days and my OOTD's range from my workout gear from Dance Marathon:
February 25

To dressier outfits for work:
February 24

Do you like to Polyvore a lot? Do you do fun outfits or what you really wear? Fill me in!!



M said...
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M said...

I really like using Polyvore, but I can never find the items I need to make my true outfits!

xo M

Emily said...

You look great as usual, and I love the dress in that last polyvore!

xx Emily @

Abby said...

I'm so jealous of your Lilly dresses! You have great taste :)

Abby xx

Carolina Mama said...

Katie, I love your polyvore outfits! Very cool! :)

sSe said...

If I could use all the clothing options that Polyvore offered I think my outfits would be a whole lot better!