Sunday, March 18, 2012

Favorite Board

It seems like everyone's pinning these days! Each person's pins describing them in a different way than blog posts or tweets, showing anything from what inspires them to what makes them hungry.

I was looking over my boards and got to thinking which board was my favorite. I perused through them all, while enjoying Pinterest's new layout, and decided on one:

My Style File is hands down my favorite board! In just that little screenshot of my board, you can already see clothes I like, my current nail polish color and even my favorite movie! I have so many different things in that one single folder and I think it fits me very well!

What's your favorite board? Do you pin?



KAHC said...

Hey Katie! I love your blog and I would be totally flattered if you would check mine out


Kaitlyn said...

I totally agree, that you can tell so much about someone by what they pin. I definitely use my food board the most. Before pinterest, I was always emailing myself recipes and having a hard time going through lots of emails looking for them. So, I use it to pin recipes more than anything.

Seashells and Southern Belles said...

Love the name of it! I used to have a newspaper column in high school called The Style File, and I was just talking about it yesterday!!

hEl said...

I just started on Pinterest literally last week and I love it! My favorite board of mine is called "Pink and Sparkly"...yes, I have a problem. It is full of great ideas, especially for cooking. I don't know if you saw the sunflower cake (made with Peeps), but it was adorable, and I made it as a grooms cake for my dad's wedding!