Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Getting Closer!

Carolina Cup season is close to that of a holiday. There's this big build up for a day long event. There's special dress, a special place it's celebrated, and fun, food, and drinks are all involved. All the makings of a holiday. Clearly there's a special order of steps necessary for Cup:

Step 1: Dress
The dress is the most important part. From the dress you can decide everything else: hat, shoes, accessories, cooler, date's outfit, etc.

Step 2: Hat
People don't mess around with hats, we mean business. I wore a simple, small hat last year with a white bow that I made myself. It really looked good and matched my dress. It was a popular hat, and my friend and Cup buddy (we both slightly ditched our dates, which we can now admit to, almost a year later) Colleen and I actually ended up with the same hat:
This year I'll be wearing the hat above. Would you ever guess it's from FOREVER21?! I know, crazy right?

Step 3: Accessories
Your accessories totally depend on your dress and hat. If you have a plain hat, dress it up with bold accessories? Have a loud hat or dress: keep it simple or go without! Last year I had a bright dress, plain hat and went with a standard string of pearls. This year I'll have my hat and dress with that funky neckline, so I'll have to work on the rest very soon!

Step 4: Jacket
Often forgotten, a jacket or windbreaker of some sort is ESSENTIAL. Our bus got to Cup on the very early side and the grass was still dewy and it was windy. I was also glad I had my jacket when we got closer to going home as well. 

How  many Cup steps have you taken so far? The big day is getting closer and closer!



Portuguese Prepster said...

never been to the cup but we have Foxfield in Virginia which is similar although it's on a smaller scale! I am ready to go for it...even though it's still over a month away!

Sarah Brooke said...

Love Foxfield!

D and C said...

I am dying to go to a carolina cup! But I do have an event that just might require a hat!!!