Thursday, March 15, 2012

Passion ( + Cool News)

Since I did a post yesterday on my rings, I figured I'd do a post on my nail color today! My nails were very grown out, and I definitely was in need of a new color. It might sound crazy, but since I work in such a colorful store and always wear pretty colorful outfits, I decided I'd go with a neutral for a little while. Y'all know how often I do hot pinks, fuschias, reds and corals, and even glitter now and then! I have 3 coats of OPI's "Passion" on my nails and I really really like it.

"Passion" would make a perfect wedding/bridal color. It looks like a perfect natural, polished, manicure color. I am sure I will go back and get this color again when I'm in search of a good neutral. I recommend "Passion" if you're in the market for a really nice looking professional base.

On the good news front, I got a really cool email last night that I posted on facebook so you might have seen it:
I've watched Fashion Police on E! more times than I'd like to admit, so I was pretty pumped to see them following little old LBP on twitter! TOO COOL! Cue goofy cartoon starstuck eyes...

I hope everyone's weeks are going by well! I feel like my week has gone by SO slowly...I think because it was very backloaded with two big assignments due today. Yikes! Glad to see them turned in and DONE!


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Soulnaz said...

I have this its like a peaceful elegant color to me