Sunday, June 17, 2012

Outfit of the Day: Summer Seersucker, Sails, and Scents

June 16

I love summer because it means white shoes, seersucker (horrible but very funny typo: I OFTEN accidently type "seersucket" ahhhh!) and nautical sails and shapes! The Buttercup shorts I have in the pink seersucker from Lilly from this summer are at the top of my list a lot! I love these shorts! My only regret is that I wish I got the size smaller (I'm always between two sizes) size because mine have stretched a little, typical of seersucker, I shoulda known! The Paley cardigan is also one of my favorites and my Mom actually has it too! We tend to have a lot of similar things in our closets!

Everywhere in South Carolina during the summer seems to jack up the AC to keep everyone cool when it's so hot outside, so I've been bringing a cardigan with me everywhere I go! I probably look crazy at work to everyone who comes in to shop, but we actually get chilly--can you believe I'm even saying that!?

I also have just been using my wallet recently, all my bags seem to be too big or too heavy for summer, so I've just been grabbing the essentials before I head out the door: phone, wallet, keys and sunglasses and I'm good to go for the day! It's simple and easy--just like the summer months!

My summer go-to fragrance is "Beachy" by Lilly Pulitzer a few years ago!
While it has been discontinued by the company who was manufacturing it (they went out of business) you can still find it online (eBay, perfume outlets, etc.) and even at some TJMaxx's and Marshall's! Whenever I see a bottle of Beachy I snag it while I can--it's perfect for summer and lasts even if it's REALLY hot out!

What are your summer S's? Mine are seersucker, sails and scents!



Worthington said...

My summer s's are probably: sailboats, sun, and seafood :)

I really love the cardigan you have in your outfit. Also, my Dad knows I love seersucker, so when I graduated from college last year he wore a seersucker suit!

Kori said...

My summer S's... sun, sangria, and swimsuits! Hope you're having a fabulous day...good news! I'm having a Swimspot giveaway for $50 to their online site...go enter if you haven't already!


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Have a great day!!!! Kori xoxo