Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Outfit of The Day: Fallin' In Love

While this post has nothing to do with actually falling in love, it is the name of one of my favorite dress prints!
Since getting my iPhone I've been able to do OOTD's in an entirely different way! Instagramming (@letsbepreppy) different pictures has become my new favorite thing to do via my iPhone!

Fallin' In Love is the name of this charm bracelet print by Lilly. I was able to snag this dress before Christmas on a HUGE sale for a Christmas present from "Santa". I wore it to work (as you can see in the background) for a big event in the store that we held for Miss South Carolina pageant week!

I paired my strapless dress with my Fornash clover necklace and wedges. In the straps of my wedges are a little bit of metallic material that really pops with the necklace. There is also a bit of gold in the buttons on the dress that I love! Being the navy girl that I am, the combination of blue and gold (which also happens to be one of my Pinterest boards!) never gets old for me! I also had my Wayfarers on which are such a staple of summer for me!

I pulled my hair back in a fat French braid since it's one of the only hairstyles that keeps my short hair out of my face while still looking nice. I have only VERY RECENTLY learned to French braid my own hair--the key is to NOT think about it if you can tell yourself that!!

Here's to attempting to stay cool in this steamy SC summer (AND fallin' in love--both kinds!)!!!



Holly said...

So cute! I love that print too.

Bethany said...

You look fantastic! That is one of my favorite prints! The Fornash jewelry is so pretty. xoxo

Anonymous said...

I love love love that print!!! I just ordered the Fallin in Love bedding from Garnet Hill...I can't get enough of the print!

Chloe said...

that outfit it perfect! everything about it!

Robin said...

Love that print! The dress looks so cute on you

Sarah Long said...

LOVE this outfit Katie! And I've never seen that dress look so good on someone! Perfect summertime print. xx

Worthington said...

You look so adorable! Seriously!