Thursday, September 6, 2012

SouthernLeague Magazine: The Gameday Bible

With Gameday RIGHT around the corner, literally, it's ALMOST the weekend, what should you consult for some pregame notes? Need inspiration for a Gameday outfit? What about songs for your Gameday playlist?

There are so many different stories that are perfect for football-loving, cowboy boot wearing, bow-tie tying, college kids! 

 I have prepped a few more super fun pieces for the magazine, and can I tell you, if the first copy is any indication of how good the rest will be, you'll LOVE what's coming up soon!

Here are a few of my favorite pieces:

There are so many fun things to choose from especially since we're getting so close to everyone's favorite season: FOOTBALL SEASON! (Formerly known as fall...)


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Suzanne said...

I loved the article about cowboy boots! Reminded me of my first pair of white boots when I was younger. Thank you for the great read!