Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Chilly Weather Corduroys

I will openly admit, I have a VERY difficult time spelling "corduroys"...I don't know why, but I am AWFUL at it!

Cold weather is definitely around and hanging out to stay with us, at least here in Columbia, SC! It's definitely that time of year, and one of my favorite trends that have transitioned into fall/winter from summer is colored cords! It was colored jeans and fall/winter has turned into colored cords! 

Too much fun!

Pink is my favorite choice--I have a pink pair that I love!
I haven't seen a pair this blue color in person, but it sure is pretty!
Black cords are a must-have for any fall/winter wardrobe!
Although I'm not sure I'm rocker enough to pull this look off, I am IN LOVE WITH that shade of cords!
Printed cords seem to be popping up too! This houndstooth pair is great!



beahhh said...

I'm in love with corduroy's too! I already have two pairs and want to buy more! lol


Lauren said...

im definitely loving the skinny cords lately, jcrew and madewell have a good selection


Taylor Gene said...

I have the navy blue skinny cords from J Brand.. they're super cute, however, I carry a handbag on my forearm and it caused the material to rub off! While I like J Brand, I was completely disappointed in the quality of my skinny cords. :/