Thursday, December 13, 2012

Break O'Clock

As of today, I'm officially on break time!

I am done with the stress of finals (3 finals in 3 days is a WILD ride, let me tell you!) and looking forward to really getting into the merry spirit!

We actually found ourselves in the middle of a cold snap yesterday, and I even had to dig out my rain coat from the chilly drizzle that accompanied the colder temperatures. This is definitely the winter that we're used to--not the very mild stuff we've had all December!

I also wrapped up my internship for the semester working for the American Red Cross. I had a great experience and it was crazy to be leaving my office for the last time! So much has gone on this semester, it really flew by!

I'm going to head home early next week and get a chance to spend time with my family and start decking out house out in pink and green decorations like the ones above I started to put up at work as soon as Thanksgiving was over!

Hope you're getting into the Christmas and holiday mindset as we start to get SO MUCH CLOSER to the big day!!



Cotton said...

Congrats on finishing your semester!! Enjoy this last one--it goes by twice as fast!

Blue Dog Belle said...

Yay! Enjoy your break!

Worthington said...

Are you excited about heading home for break? I know it will be all decorated and beautiful when you get there!

southernoracle said...

So glad that you're through finals and ready to head home. I've missed your posts! Have a perfect Christmas break.