Friday, January 25, 2013

Cooler Gifts!

Emma, The Cooler Girl herself and a beloved Sassy Sponsor, painted my sister a cooler for helping her out with her cooler website!

How cute did it turn out?! I am OBSESSED! While she credited me with helping her out pick the designs, I hardly did ANYTHING and left about 98% of the heavy lifting up to Emma! I think it turned out amazingly and I love how personalized to Grace it is: America, Auburn, her sorority, her school and a little bit of Maryland flair!

There are a few collegiate events where coolers are THE thing to have: Mountain Weekend, Beach Weekend, Birthdays, Big/Little Reveal, and (cue angels singing "ahhhhhh") Carolina Cup!

Cup is right around the corner and I cannot wait! People have started getting their dresses for Cup and I'm sure plenty of gals are planning how to paint their coolers this far in advance!
One of my favorite sides from my own cooler was the madras side which would be PERFECT for Carolina Cup!



Kathleen Walpole said...

I've always wanted to paint a cooler. It wasn't a big thing at my college... :(


Hanny said...

I love the monogram one the most. so cute especially with the addition of the polka dots.

Jamie Lynn said...

Love her cooler! People paint coolers at Ole Miss but its still a new thing to do so they don't look that great!!

Anna T said...

What a cute idea! Love it!