Saturday, January 12, 2013

Outfit of the Day: Meet Sessilee!

This Sessilee Dress is one I normally wouldn't have picked off the racks for myself. We were trying different things on at work so we could really get a feel for fit and true sizing, and I got to try on the Sessilee Dress. It comes in a few different patterns and color ways, but this blue and white one was my favorite! I LOVE this dress! From far away, I think it looks like a romper which is fun and whimsical and TOTALLY unexpected. The navy makes this dress so wearable and the white accent elevates the print and shape. 
We didn't get a chance to photograph the back, but it looks like two pieces from the back! So cool, right?! I also love that you can pair this with navy, white, metallics, and I'd even toss in hot pink! It's a little tough to see in the picture, but there's also a zipper and drawstring that really add to the dress.

I am a big Sessilee fan (and I would sure like to know where that name comes from!) and hope y'all get a chance to run into your local Lilly Pulitzer store to check it out!



Hanny said...

The dress looks really nice on you!
Love the pattern.

A Preppy State of Mind said...

I love this dress!! I can't wait to order it and try it on. I also love the idea of pairing it with hot pink!


Sarah Gould Long said...

I saw this on your instagram, and was OBSESSED! It was made for you!

Shannon H said...

This is adorable! Love the wedges you paired the dress with too :)

Catherine said...

Saw this the other day while browsing in my local In The Pink! I love love love the new directions lilly has been going in, if you know what I mean! The new styles offer such a great additional selection to the calssics!


Jordan Smith said...

Cute post! We agree, that outfit is perfect! At Coastal Urge, we love to show our customers Lilly Pulitzer.