Monday, February 25, 2013

Magnolia Place

Y'all have seen a few of my tweets recently about my new FAVORITE candle, "Heirloom Magnolia Blossom" from the Better Homes and Gardens line at WalMart!

I am OBSESSED. Magnolia is one of my favorite spring scents, but often times a candle doesn't really get the REAL scent right. It'll be too much or off a little or just not exactly what you want.

This Wally World candle is AWESOME and does not even come close to breaking the bank. I actually get the one in the big glass jar that's only $5-6. You can get so many burning hours out of those candles and they have a top so it doesn't overwhelm your room with a smoky scent as soon as you blow it out.

If you're headed to WalMart anytime soon, check out the candle section so that you can snag one of these for yourself!

Happy shopping and smelling!


1 comment:

Glitterista said...

I have that on my coffee table right now! Love the scent!