Thursday, February 7, 2013

Outfit of the Day: Sweet Nothings

Yesterday I donned a new-crowned favorite dress of mine! It's a silk-blend all over-print Lilly dress that works great in fall to winter! I love that I can wear this dress with tights and boots but also flats or nude heels too once it gets warmer.

It has the best v-neck neckline and is a false wrap-dress. It's a professional looking as a wrap-dress but you don't have to worry about sitting the 100% correct way like you do in a true wrap. My mom and I agreed that a wrap dress is an ideal work dress because it's almost always appropriate. I've worn this dress with a blazer on top (with nude heels) and it's been great.

To casual-ize this dress, I added a cream colored scarf to bring out the creamy base color and added the black tights and my two-tone boots. I wore my hair down regular and plain so that the dress could do the talking! The print name is "Sweet Nothings" which I just LOVE as we approach Valentine's!
With this kind of bold print, you can really tie in so many of the colors! We had a woman come into the store and bought a pair of blue trousers that really popped with the top she had in this print and made the bits of blue really stand out. Did you even see the blue in it?!

I'm glad I can still get some use out of my dressy boots before the weather turns to Jacks and McKims weather!



Anonymous said...

Such an adorable dress and boots! I need a few wrap dresses for my internship and this one would be perfect!

A Preppy State of Mind said...

Love it!! That print and the style are both perfect. And that mirror at Pink Sorbet is perfect for OOTDs :) I need one like that in my room haha!


Jenna said...

Love your outfit (especially the boots!)!

Anonymous said...

Great OOTD! Love the dress!

Hannah said...

So adorable! :)


Kelsea said...

Love the dress and the print. I think that its great that you could even dress it up (since it wrap-dress-esque) for a business casual environment. You look great!

Emily said...

I LOVE your dress! It is adorable!


Saeed Zia said...

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Lauren said...

I never realized that I liked the print of this dress until I saw this post! I kicked myself for not getting it during the big Lilly sale since I love the anjelica style so much, but I was lucky enough to find it on clearance at a via boutique! Can't wait for it to arrive!