Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pink Piggies

I got a new Essie color over Christmas break that I had actually forgotten about until a few days ago! I found it in a small cosmetic bag that hadn't been opened since I got back. Much to my surprise, I saw "Secret Story" hiding as my little stowaway in the bag!
I needed to give myself a pedicure because I would be wearing peep toe shoes the next day, so Monday night I decided to paint my toes this fun new color! 

It's my new favorite BRIGHT pink! It comes out a  little darker than what the bottle shows, but I love it. "Secret Story" reminded me of another Essie color that I love, "Chastity" but darker. This is a color I am absolutely going to be keeping on my toes for awhile. It looks great and very girly!

Once I get a little tanner and not going on job interviews, I am totally putting "Secret Story" on my fingers!



Jenna said...

Ooo what a cute color! I love that it's almost time for bright nails for spring again!

Worthington said...

What a great color. I will need to look at that in-store. I love the name of the shade and how it looks tonally!


Anonymous said...

Love the nail polish!! And your shoes look really cute!