Friday, February 15, 2013

Sunny Side...Down

As I've declared before, I have sworn off tanning in a tanning bed for the rest of my life! I said in my last post that I had a few scary moles removed last summer, so GONE are the days of me in a tanning bed. I was lucky that they were all benign, but I have no interest in trying to create more of those scary moles.

As a result of no tanning bed, I have looked into other alternative forms of tanning for those days when you need a little extra color!

I'm still hesitant to get a spray tan, but I came VERY close this week. Once I get brave enough to get one, I'll be sure give y'all the details.

Recently, one of my roommates encouraged me to try one of her tan wipes:
L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Towelettes

There's only one (at least in my shopping experience) color available: "Medium Natural Tan" and it worked GREAT for my skin. I tend to look orange with Jergens lotion, and had great experience with Tan Towel lotion when I had time to build the lotion, but these towelettes are ideal for when you only have 1 overnight to develop color. I immediately saw color when I woke up the next day.

It wasn't orange, and I liked the color a lot. I was impressed with the lack of odor that's usually present with self tanners, and this one advertises a "new fresh scent" that's extremely pleasant. I only used it on my legs (hence the "down" part of "Sunny Side...Down"), and there was still plenty of product that I could have used on the rest of my self.

The product runs from $7-9 and I found my box at CVS. Right after using my roommate's towel, I immediately ran out the next day and bought my own box. I will continue to use these towels to maintain the color I have now SAFELY.

I am excited to have discovered this product and I couldn't wait to share it with y'all! It's a great alternative to tanning in a bed!



Southern Charm said...

I love using sunless tanners now that I've finally found the lotion that works for me. I discovered doves sunless summer glow while in London last summer, the color is great the smell is awesome, and theres a teensy tiny bit of shimmer. Only downside is now I have to order it online because its not in the states yet!

Anonymous said...

I have recently sworn off of tanning beds as well, and I am looking for a new self tanner, I will have to check this one out!

Katherine Parthum said...

I was vacillating between trying a self tanner or just going tanning (I've never do it before) but your article helped me make a decision! I will definitely make a trip to CVS and try these first!


Lydia Grace said...

Ooh! Love it! Thanks for the healthy tanning option. I've never really loved Jergens due to its orange-y tint. I can't wait to try these instead!


southernoracle said...

Thanks for posting this! As I've been building my spring wardrobe my thoughts have turned to the pastiness of my legs and how to add a little color. I will have to try these for sure. It seems like the towels might make it easier to apply evenly and avoid those horrible streaks.

Christine said...

Banana Boat "Summer Color" is another amazing self tanner! It doesn't look orange-y at all and it's really cheap!

mQs said...

LOVE the outfit! Seriously so cute!

Cate Crain said...

I haven't used a sunless tanner since I was in my early teens, but I recently lost 65 pounds and am actually excited about short/bikini season this year.
I hope they make these towels for fair complected ladies because they seem to be just what I'm looking for!