Monday, April 29, 2013

Pink Sorbet Loves Winston's Wish

Last Monday we had a big celebration party for Winston's Wish, the Autism awareness organization that fosters friends of Autism here in Columbia, SC! Pink Sorbet, Lilly Pulitzer print designers, and Winston's Wish all teamed up to make a one-of-a-kind Autism awareness Murfee Scarf! It's so special, and we were honored to be able to have an in-store event during Autism Awareness month.
Winston himself, front and center, is known for wearing his bowties, which he is PROUDLY donning for the day's event!
These special scarves are available exclusively at Pink Sorbet! 



K said...

How much are the scarves?


As a Lilly lover and an autism mom, this is pretty much the best thing ever! Love it :)

Andrea said...

Would you please explain how you tied your scarf! SO CUTE! Or is it just a simple bow?