Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Polish Change: At First Sight

Let me preface this new color with a little mani-anecdote. Before spring break, I needed a manicure. Poor time management didn't allow me to get one in before I left, so I packed a few colors with me and a good shiny top coat and figured I could do it myself, covering the old color. I covered a light pink with red. It was not a good idea. I LOVE red nails (my Mom, not so much...which she reminded me...) and I love red nails especially in hot weather. My nails were just TOO long for red and by the time break was over, I felt VERY Ronald McDonald-y.

I decided on OPI's "At First Sight" after taking too long to choose at the salon. I needed something neutral to match my Cup dress and I was SO sick of the very vivacious red that I needed a break. By the time that the manicurist took off all the red, it looked like we BOTH committed murder. 

I am a HUGE fan of this color, and I'm definitely going to look into finding my own bottle of it. It's actually glittery too but you can't tell when there are multiple coats on your nails. Mine currently have two coats. I wanted them to look opaque once they were dry, and two coats did the trick!


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Worthington said...

What a great color! I do love that shade. It is my go-to subdued color from OPI. I also will sometimes use it overtop a brighter color to tone it down and let the sparkles shine through. I think it worked perfectly with your Cup dress.