Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Annapolis Casual?

So, the other day I was talking to a co-worker at The Pink Crab in Annapolis about a wedding that she'd been invited to you. It was not a "Black-Tie- Affair" but the dress was termed "Annapolis Casual". Think about it, Annapolis Casual. Now what comes to mind?

Now anyone who has even been to Annapolis would appreciate the term "Annapolis Casual". As my co-worker explained to me, "Annapolis Casual" is defined as navy blue blazers, blue or white oxford shirts, preppy ties, khakis or the washed-out light-colored pants, and SOCKLESS boat shoes. Living in Annapolis myself, the sockless idea is not new to me. This look is seen throughout the catalogs of Vineyard Vines, showing the weddings where the groomsmen all picked the same tie to wear.

Not only is the "Annapolis Casual" look becoming more prevalent in weddings, but it is also seen more often at prom. Boys are wearing the cummerbund and bow tie set. This is much more formal than the "Annapolis Casual" look, but it is still very preppy! The casual look is becoming more popular these days. As I think about it, I myself have been to an "Annapolis Casual" wedding without even knowing it. It was held right in Annapolis, about six years ago. The men all had their blue blazers, maroon/gold/navy striped ties, pleated khakis and boat shoes. They looked very nice if I do say so myself.

Some weddings are even going as far as ditching the khaki pants for khaki SHORTS. The groomsmen still have the oxfords and ties and blazers but wear shorts instead of pants. These weddings are much more casual and most who choose this option will typically go for an outdoor wedding or a wedding on the beach.

But why "Annapolis Casual"? Annapolis does boast the title of "Sailing Capital of the World" but should it have the name "Preppy capital of the World" too?? Annapolis is on the water and full of photo opts, but is it becoming the preppy capital? There are kids here who were raised with a crabbing net in one hand and a lacrosse stick in the other and wore their first popped collar when they were two months old. Neighborhoods in the Annapolis area even have events where 98% of the girls wear Lilly dresses. So do you think it will be a new preppy capital?? In my eyes, probably not. (Things could change for the better...) Again, Annapolis can boast the Lilly Pulitzer Signature Store, and like 4 boating supply store within a half-mile, and a yacht club of its own but is it becoming the next Martha's Vineyard or sunny Florida? Vineyard Vines is HQ-ed there. Lilly Pulitzer is HQ-ed in King of Prussia, PA but began in Florida. Will Annapolis start a sockless boat shoe trend? Or a new casual wedding trend?? Well, we'll watch the Sailing Capital of the World, very closely for awhile and if anything shows a pattern, you'll hear it from the Annapolis native, here first!

xx Katie

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