Monday, October 8, 2007

Preps for a Cause

These days it seems like every celebrity is signing on with some sort of cause. Some want to end global warming, so they drive priuses. Others want to help the effort in Ghana, so they adopt kids or fund commercials. Others want to spread the knowledge of HIV/AIDS, so they join knowledge campaigns. Not only are celebrities getting in on this action, but designers are as well. Both preppy brands Lilly Pulitzer and Vera Bradley are designing items for the Susan G. Komen Foundation to end breast cancer.

Since October is national breast cancer month, companies play up this effort. On Vera Bradley's "What's New" page, the main picture shows the items that give proceeds from their profit to foundations. There is a limited edition "candle of hope" with the VB elephant on the front that donates money. The "Ella Wristlet in Pink Elephant" also gives portions of the profit to breast cancer foundations. 50% of the proceeds of each of these items are given to the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer.

The "candle of hope" is $35 for a 9.25oz candle. It is a combination of "lotus blossom, cyclamen and sheer musk". The elephant emblem on the candle has its trunk raised "for good luck". The wristlet is a combination of several pink/green/black prints and runs about $28. Just remember half of both of the profits for these items are going towards ending breast cancer!!

Secondly, Lilly Pulitzer is designing the "Tied to the Cause" breast cancer awareness scarf called the "Komen Scarf". Both LP and Ford sponsor the scarf. 85% (or 30 of 35 dollars) of the profits go directly from LP to Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. (They are the same people who put on the national and state Races for the Cure!!) The scarf was also endorsed by Hollywood star, Sarah Michelle Gellar and really put onto the scene. These scarves sell out quickly so talk to your Lilly Pulitzer representative as soon as possible or go onto

In 2005 alone, 2.5 million dollars were raised in the Lilly Pulitzer-Ford campaign. In 2005, TV morning show, The Early Show, gave away 150 scarves during their morning broadcast.

The Early Show features a photo essay on other companies designing items for breast cancer. The include:

1. Everlast (a fitness company)- Pink Boxing Gloves

2. New Balance- "Lace Up For The Cure" messenger bag

3. Red Envelope- Photo Collage Tote

4. Red Envelope- Chenille Pink House Coat

5. Pink "Shop Pink" PJ's

6. KitchenAid- Light Pink "Cook for a Cure" Appliances (food processors, their trademark mixing bowls, etc.)

7. Beanie Babies- "SpongeBob PinkPants" Doll

When you support any of these preppy designers you're supporting finding an end to breast cancer!!

xx Katie

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suburban prep said...

QVC has a Wednesday evening in October that for about three hours they sell shoes for half price. When you can purchase shoes from all sorts of brands. I have had my eyes to the screen each year. I think that the net profits go towrds breast cancer.