Thursday, October 18, 2007

The FUN with FUNdamentals

So who knew that there are "Fashion Fundamentals" of being Preppy? Ok, so most of us did. We all know that Preps don't dress trashy, or wear black (a lot. there is definitely room for black PIECES in a preppy closet.) The Official Preppy Handbook says that there are 10 fundamentals for both men and women. Thanks to a very preppy aunt of mine, I got my hand on a copy!! So the list reads:

  • Conservatism- No low cut tops, revealing skirts, things of the like

  • Neatness- a given

  • Attention to Detail- Put on all the jewelery you want, then take something off

  • Practicality- Do you really need those plaid shoelaces?

  • Quality- Things should be built to last, preppy will always be in style

  • Natural Fibers- Wools, Cotton, Silk/Cashmere- NO POLYESTER. NO EXCEPTIONS

  • Anglophilia- Yea, I didn't know what this meant to begin with either- it means liking British stuff- Shetland Sweaters, Fair Isle knits, Burberry

  • Specific Color Blindness- Bright Pink and Green (enough said)

  • The Sporting Look- Tennis, Hunting, Fisherman wear

  • Androgyny- Men and women CAN dress alike. What other style advocates that?!

Now, let's review. So conservatism, not really a problem thanks to high cut Lilly, and Ralph Lauren Oxfords. Check! Next is neatness, honestly, do you really see slob, frumpy preps? Dubious. Then, attention to detail: snag the pearl earrings, they are a classic, have been a classic, and will always be a classic. Next is practicality...I have a slight problem with this one. I really want these Chooka whale boots but it doesn't rain that often in MD, do I go with the boots or not? We'll figure that out later. Quality, well for the price tag that preppy clothes drag along, they better be GREAT quality. This is one to really consider, when really, preppy clothes don't ever go out of style.

We're about halfway through. Everyone still have all 10 fingers and toes? Great! Next we have Natural Fibers. This one is kinda if-y. Cotton is always good to have. Its versatile enough to wear in the winter as well as the summer. Leather makes great boat shoes. Silk and Cashmere, too rich for my blood like 90% of the time. Then there's Anglophilia, which I don't really understand. The English do make a nice muffin, and yea, we'll give you your teas but tons of American companies make nice stuff too (given its all actually made in Cambodia or China). Lilly, Ralph Lauren and Vineyard Vines all make quality products here in the states. Then we have specific color blindness. I think this can be taken 2 ways: blindness to some colors (like purple) and then blindness of wearing colors together (like cardinal colors like pink and green). Take this one however you want!

Finally we have the sporting look. Thank LL Bean for this one. This can range from sporting the "just back from tennis" to "just back from duck hunting". This can be whites to rustic, warm, Bean fleeces and puppies. Last of all there is androgyny. Why not dress like a man? The blue blazer, khaki pants, boat shoes look is easily versatile enough to be for a guy or girl.

See, how fun are these FUNdamentals? Most of them are easy to abide by and FUN too! Try following just a few or follow them all!

xx Katie

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