Sunday, October 28, 2007


So I am online today looking stuff up about preps and being preppy. There are specific stereotypes that address Preps as some stupid, trashy, sleezy group of people that only vacation on Martha's Vineyard, get whatever they want, and only use their parents' credit cards. I decided that I am going to do a blog entry on the typical stereotype of what everyone thinks a prep is. Then at the end I am going to say all the false things and what really isn't part of the stereotype. Like ok?

So, OH MY GAWD. Like today, my daddy let me use his credit card at the mall! Like I was just there yesterday but he didn't really care. He's in Japan on business I think. And tomorrow I'm getting my new car! Well, its not REALLY new because I crashed my last one last month on the Cape. We were going to a picnic and I accidently hit the tree. Daddy didn't mind but mummy was mad. She said the insurance man was NOT NICE so she had to drink a strong one after their phone convo. So today like at the mall: first I went to Starbucks to get my 1/2 fat, non frap, lightmocafrappuchino, shaken, sweetened but no sugar, chai skim latte. It was soooooooooo good! Then I went to Abercrombie and Fitch, my FAVE store. OMG the boysss there are soooooooooo hot. Almost as hot at the boy who cuts the grass at our house in the Vineyard. Then I went to NORDY's to buy some more UGGS! Instead I got these flats from some designer and then daddy's card wouldn't go through so I had to call him and then he fixed it. So then I went to Hollister to buy some jeans but I ended up charging like $800 because I could not live without the lavender sunlight Verando beach henleyyyy! But then daddy called me to pick me up to go to the car dealer! Like then, I went to meet him but instead the driver picked me up in the Club Car. I was so mad and I called mummy and she said that daddy had a suprise for me. Then I got really excited so I went to meet daddy at the car place. He showed me this BIG land rover or whatever it was called and I didn't like it because it was too small. AND I wanted a pink one but the mean car place man said that that couldn't happen. I was yelling at him and my daddy for like an hour. Then mummy took me out of the car place and said that I had to be nice or I wouldn't get my car. She was being so mean to me so then I think I like called Shelly but she was away skiing in the mountains so she didn't pick up. I like left a message but she never called me back so we're fighting. Then I went home and changed so I could like go to Timmy's house. I put on the CUTEST jean skirt (duuuuhhh its a mini) and this pink polo but it was short so you could see like a little of my belly haha! Then Timmy wasn't home because he was at lax oops! So I went back home, grabbed my Chanel bag and walked Harry, my lap dog. It was such a busy day but now I have to go texxxxxxt the girls and get my like beauty sleep! TTFN, TTYL, LYLAS, LYLAB!

AHHHH! That was too painful (and too easy to write). Ok let's start from the beginning. This girl is not smart. She most likely doesn't know her left from her right. Preps go to school, they are usually smart, therefore they usually know a few things. Next, this girl only talked about "daddy's credit card". Preps may not always have jobs but they don't flaunt their money by talking about daddy's credit card 24/7. She then talked about the Cape. Well this could be true, Preps do vacation in New England. Then she talked about "mummy needing a stiff one", because Preps are notoriously known for drinking (there is an entire book on mixing drinks) but if you've ever seen in TPH you'll know that Preps do not drink to get drunk.
Then this girl goes to the mall. Prep inaccuracies abound. The whole starbucks thing-not true. Its a known stereotype and I've never understood. As I was looking up stuff online today, a YouTube video popped up today called "Preppylicious" (click to watch) and made fun of Preps to no end. (that's really where I got the inspiration for this entry) They mocked shopping, attitude, and polo popping but we're really wrong because Preps don't really buy polos at American Eagle or A+F. Most of my own are from Lilly or Polo and I have 1 from Lacoste but I don't think I have any from Hollister, AE, A+F, Aeropostale, or places like that.

Then this girl pulls a "MY SUPER SWEET SIXTEEN" moment: buying a car. She has a hissy fit in the dealership (which she calls the "place") and doesn't like her THIRD car. Then we also find out that she has a driver. I don't know anyone (prep or not) who has a DRIVER! Another stereotypical inaccuracy. PHEW, then this girl decides to go home and change her clothes to a jean skirt and short polo. AHH! This is not right again because Preps wear conservative clothing and show just about nothing. No tight jeans, no skimpy shirt, and maybe once in awhile a jean skirt (but from the likes of this girl, hers was probably more like a jean belt...) Then she decides to visit Timmy, her lax playing BF! OMG! No one says LAX, its lacrosse (as I learned when a lacrosse player repremanded me...I'll never make that mistake again).

Then this girl mentions the lap dog. If Preps have dogs they're typically big golder retrievers or chocolate labs (I don't have a dog...). NOT LAP DOGS (not now, not ever, not even in a polo). Poodles and lap dogs are some of the most un-preppy creatures. Then she used IM-speak (TTFN, TTYL, LYLAS, LYLAB, etc.)in regular language. I can't stand it when people do that. Not only did she use IM-speak but also the "xxxxxxx" in text. That makes me a little crazy too.
xx Katie

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Belle said...

I HATE things like that also. Youtube and places like wikipedia are TRASHED with them! It makes me so mad! So i'm right there with you. BUT, the only thing I have to say is the little dog comment. I am a prep I have a BIG dog, but I also have a little dog. Shes a rescue but dont worry, shes not a fluffy white something or other!

I absolutely love your blog, keep posting!!