Thursday, November 29, 2007

Let's All Buy Our Own Resort!

My advice: buy a resort. They're sunny, warm, trendy, and comfortable. No, I'm not talking about a hotel in Palm Beach. I'm talking about the newest Lilly Pulitzer collection: Resort 2007. Ladies (and now) gentlemen get ready to stuff you suitcases and dust off your duffles because we're taking Lilly on vacation!

Now resort is designed exactly for its name; its for people going on holiday break or just to brighten up a drab winter wardrobe. Full of bright classic LP patterns, this year's resort collection is totally Lilly. Ranging from swimsuits to "formal" dresses this year. The Jacqueline shift dress has many different forms this season. From the Jacqueline Ponte Dress, which I'm actually ordering, to the Jacqueline Sateen Dress, to the original Jacqueline Dress. These shifts all are a little bit different, either with different necklines, embroidery, or material. The ponte knit dress is the perfect length for anyone ranging from 5'2'' to almost 6'0'' (I know from experience).
Classic LP patterns include, "Private Property", "Sea Crets", "Getting Loopy", "Scallopini", "Tailwind", and "Pink Coral Horseplay". My favorites include "Private Property"- a combination of a navy background and pink flowers with green vines, and "Tailwind"- pink and green swishes that are actually lion tail, "Heading South"- pink swirls and green sea animals with passports, and "Animal Crackers" (in Men's)- colored animal shapes and they're the best on the men's boxers.

New editions in this season's resort include an entirely new Men's resort collection, one formal-y dress in the Women's collection, using gold and silver metallic in pants and shortjackets, PJ's, and accessories/shoes. (In the Spring 2008 collection look out for LP sunglasses- but don't tell ANYONE I told you!!!) There also was a crafty gift giving guide (say that five times fast!) introduced with many gift opportunities. A fleet of luggage and handbags were also a recent introduction to the LP line. "Catching ZZZ's" is also becoming a very popular print for the bags.

Last but CERTAINLY not least, the LP warehouse sale is coming un in King of Prussia, HQ of all things Lilly. It is tomorrow 11/30 and Saturday 12/1 at the Valley Forge Convention Center fomr 7am-8pm. Go and finid some great deals on things from Spring 2007, Summer 2007 and Fall 2007 and maybe even some other stuff! Good Luck, Happy Shopping, and Happy Holidays!

xx Katie

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