Friday, December 7, 2007

Extra! Extra! Preps are in the NUDE!

Nude?! I meant NEWS. Oops. Anyway, what's with the recent buzz about preps. LP fashion has been featured on TV twice since the beginning of fall. Lilly Pulitzer bangles have recently been in Glamour. Lilly is making the NEWS! (HA! I got it that time!)

So in the beginning of the fall, a new series on the CW premired, called Gossip Girl. The show has become increasingly popular with each airing of an episode. In the first episode, a character names Jenny was starting her first day at a prestigious girl's school in the heart of NYC. She happens to stumble upon the queenbees of her school within the first few minutes. Lucky, right? Well within those first few minutes, I immediately noticed that Jenny was wearing the Kiera Coat. I yelled "MOM LOOK! That's a Lilly jacket! We have that dress upstairs!!". My mom kind of just rolled her eyes. But I was TOO excited. Something I recognize, on TV?! I felt a little famous actually. You can see here that Jenny (the one standing up, with the red bag) is wearing the pink brocade coat. How cool?!

Lilly has also been featured on the "older-set" of stars. On the popular ABC show, Desperate Housewives, the picture-perfect housewife, Bree VanDeKamp was spotted in several Lilly outfits. She is wearing the Jesse Top (a sleeveless V-Neck shirt) to cover up a false pregnancy, and don't worry the baby's been born since then!! This item is from the Spring 2007 collection and when I saw it I had another "moment". I go, "HEY! See that shirt Bree has on??? YEA, ITS IN THE STORE!!" and again my mom just rolled her eyes. And yes, again I felt a little famous. I broke the news to some of the girls in the store, but no one seemed to be as excited as I was...let's just say that's because I guess you had to see it to understand. In October, Bree was also spotted in another Spring dress, the Willa dress, in yellow. This time, however, I hadn't caught it, and I am just seeing for the first time. Doesn't a pregnant Bree just look adorable anyway?

Not only has Lilly Pulitzer been spotted on TV but also in the print media. Since many pieces (especially the Casa Loca collection jewelery) are becoming more mainstream, magazines are beginning to feature LP pieces more often. Magazines like The Oprah Magazine, Glamour, Oprah at Home, Self, and others have recently featured LP pieces in their fashion compilations. Even a main page for Neiman Marcus showed the Lani Dress (the black mesh overlay dress) as a featured party dress. Recently Featured items include:

The Oprah Magazine: Points of Interest Flats
Self: Romancing the Stone Sandal
Neiman Marcus Catalog: Lani Dress
Footwear News (and no, I've never heard of this): pieces from the Minnie's collection (aka kids clothes)
Golf Digest: Charles Blazer (MEN'S!)
NY Times: Little Lilly Dress (Kids again)

But really, isn't all of this publicity cool? It means that all of this preppiness is becoming more mainstream. Now, that's not to say that LP is becoming everyday mainstream, but more people are buying and WEARING it. Personally, I think that's pretty cool. If more people buy it, then more people will see it and in my opinion, admire it. Awesome!

xx Katie

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