Monday, December 10, 2007

Jack Rogers: Popular Shoe of the Preppy

Jack Rogers, the preppy brand of sandals, are typically the shoes of the preppy. The brand is known for its "Navajo Sandals" which come in many different combinations of colors. One website even offers over 200 combinations of colors and heel size. Ranging from the typically pink to the racier leopard, the sandals are easily customizable!

These sandals are very recognized in the world of preppy. I have actually ordered my own in the "Platinum" color and the low flat heel. The popular sandals can be monogramed, but they come in a different style. There is a triangle where the band and toe-seperating "flower" is. To customize these shoes, you can pick the heel height, band color, and thread color. In some styles, too, you can even customize the material that it is made of: leather, patent crocadile, suede, or decorated with turquoise.

Some of my favorite combinations include (band color/thread color, respectively) Fuschia/White, Pink Metallic/Pink Metallic, Fuschia/Lime, and Platinum/Platinum (which is a goldy-silvery mix).

There are also knock-offs of the popular sandals. Steven Salario, who was Jack Rogers' old partner, now makes very similar sandals in wider widths. The pair worked together until they split and now both men are making virtually the same sandals. The shoes are almost unrecognizable when compared to one another. The Steven Salario shoes have a small triangle under the toe-seperater. Again, the Steven Salario sandals come in wider widths since the Jack Rogers are relatively narrow.

The shoes are not very expensive for the quality and longevity that they have. The leather and suede low flats run for around $85. The Metallic, Leopard and Croc low flats run for around $92. The turquoise run for about $125, but are intricately beaded and camel colored. The monogrammed low flats go for 120, and the monogrammed stacked heels go for $135. The monogrammed slides are about $120 as well.

When trying these shoes on, make sure you try them on for length. I know this sounds funny, but the width will stretch out. Now I mean, be able to get your foot in, but make sure they are long enough. The other day when I tried mine on, I was debating between a 9.5 and a 10. My boss, who was helping me, told me to try and kick it off. The 10 slid right off! I couldn't believe it, but, she said that I should go a size down. Make sure you try all of these methods when ordering!!

Now go out and buy yourself a pair at one of your favorite preppy retailers!

xx Katie

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