Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Plaid Shorts Boys vs. Hip-Hop Boys

So my mom and I were on a college trip to Fairfield Unviersity and Quinnipiac University. Both had beautiful campuses, spacious "Quads" and nice buildings. At Fairfield, we saw your typical Vera-Bradley-clutching-ribbon-wearing-let's-decorate-our-dorm-in-posters-and-pink-and-green girls. The boys were rather non-descript, t-shirts and knapsacks, sneakers and a "FU" sweatshirt (that's Fairfield University, of course!). When we arrived at Quinnipiac University, however, the kids were not exactly the same. At least, the kids that we saw, while we were driving around from the College of Liberal Arts (which we named "Oz" because it was hidden in a forest) to the Lenders' School of Business (yes, Lender the bagel tycoon). They just weren't the same as th FU kids.

These guys had hats turned to the side, slicked back hair, and gangster hoodies on. (My mother so called them "Hip-Hop kids" to my dismay. She doesn't really understand the gangster style, I guess) These Hip-Hop kids were spotted from a mile away. This temporarily changed our view of Quinnipiac. A college is nothing if you're alone. If I couldn't find kids who looked like me, what fun could college be. Well, we were wrong. So maybe the kids aren't your Vera Bradley girls, but they're not freaks. They wore basically the same things 75% of girls my age wear: a black NorthFace fleece, jeans, and UGGS (its like standard issue).

My mom then told me a story about one of her friends. She has 2 sons at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, and made a comment on all of the "Plaid Shorts Boys". Hey lady, What's wrong with plaid shorts boys?! I like THEM! She herself, has several sons who may not be full-blown Hip-Hop boys, but do have gold chains and white man-tank-tops. My mom and I agreed that these boys were usually very nice and we like the way they dress. This little anecdote reminds me of when my cousin Ryan came down from Long Island, NY to go to Georgetown. Now NEWSFLASH to some of you, but Georgetown has a reputation for being extrmely preppy. (Again, we like those boys!) During his first few days at this new school, he called home and told his mom how "all the boys wear plaid shorts! I need some plain shorts!" (Keep in mind its late August in Washington D.C. so that is prime plaid short wearing weather!) She shopped around, being the shopper she is, but came up empty handed. She frantically called my mother begging her to find Ryan some preppy shorts. Well, in Annapolis, plaid shorts are not tough to come by. She found 2 pairs in his size and he kept them (or he kept one and gave one to his roomate, I can't exactly remember). He became a plaid short boy.

Now, of course, I don't have anything against the Hip-Hop boys, but I do love my plaid short boys. If I ever get a Hip-Hop boy as a boyfriend, well he has another thing coming for him...I WILL convert him. But don't worry...yet. Since the Pink Crab has begun carrying a few men's items, well, I have to find a boy to wear them (my dad won't let me buy him that stuff because he "already has polos" and I try to convice him, he doesn't have THESE ones, but he won't budge).

So I ask you, bloggers: Hip-Hop boy or Plaid short boy? Choose Wisely.

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