Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Do You Like Party Schools?

Well my friends, it's an important question on the minds of many a-college applicant. As I sit here, helping my friends study for our "Current Issues" exam, I was thinking about some blogs I can do. (Mom, I've studied as much as I can, I promise). Anyway, I was thinking about the Resort 2008 prints that I love. Back to the Party Schools, though. It's not what you're thinking. My ultimate favorite print this year is called "Party School" and it's a school of very preppy fish.

This print is very traditional Lilly. I miss more prints like these! Resort is my favorite line of all the Lilly lines every year because it is so traditional. There are so many shifts and such great prints to look forward to. This "Party School" print is under the "Caw of the Wild" line by Resort Lilly. The best part about this print is that it comes in Women's, Men's, Minnie's, and Accessories. It actually my computer background on my family's Mac as I type this.

A great boatneck shift comes in this print called the "Florida Shift Basketweave Printed Poplin", which is a mouthful if I ever heard one. The top of the dress is exactly the name, a super cute basketweave shift. It is reminiscent of the limited edition shift dress of last Resort with the 2 lines of buttons around the neck. The length of this shift is my only worry, as with Lilly shifts I typically have to take out the hem. This dress is too fun though to pass up! Worn with a cardigan or light sweater, this can be worn in the summer, and then spring and fall. Try it with bone, light pink, platinum, white, light green, metallic blue or silver Jack Rogers, and you have a great little comfy outfit! I hope that you like this print as much as I do! Happy Resort 2008 shopping!


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