Monday, December 15, 2008

Spirit Week 2008

Well, semi-recently we had homecoming! It's one of the hands-down best days ever. There are only a few days that are better than homecoming, all I can really think about are prom video debut day and prom. As a hoco precursor, we have spirit week. It's a time to get pumped for homecoming, have fun dress up days and get a great competition between the different classes.

Spirit Week always has to do with the "overall theme" of homecoming. This year I was on the committee that helps to plan both homecoming and spirit week. The Senior Prefects, which I am one of, and Student Council jointly plan the festivities of the week. This year, we took a different approach one of picking days we thought that the students would enjoy and then finding an "overall theme". The days we picked included: decade day, movie day, consumer product day (we had to have something that the boys wanted...that's another story), and then the usual class color day. We then decided that our overall theme was "Americana" because "America" sounded lame, but "Americana" was just awesome.

I decided to be, as I am the token prep among my peers, Elle Woods for Movie day. That's me on the far right with my friends Caitlin (tinkerbell), Caroline (Holly Golightly) and Sarah (Mary Katherine Gallagher). Channeling my inner Delta Nu, I found the best pink and green stuff I could. I then had to craft a Bruiser Woods too, which was when I had to get crafty! I headed out to Michael's to see what I could find. I came back, hands full of things that I could get crafty with. I found a tiny pink poodle and bought some feather boas that I knew would come in handy. This was definitely one of my favorite Spirit Weeks ever, and most successful.

That day, my fellow newspaper editor, Katherine, came in dressed up as the same thing. Not only are we co-editors, but we have lockers right next to each other, AND we had to make an announcement about that week's edition of the newspaper that day at our biweekly morning meeting. It was such a coincidence when we both got to school. We both ended up in pink dresses, pink long-ish coats, and heels. Not only did I wear heels for the whole day, but I had successfully run the Baltimore half marathon the day before. That was one of THE coolest things I've ever accomplished. Anyway, I'm super disappointed that I have no more spirit weeks left because I'll be graduating in June, but I'm not ready to start thinking about that yet...

Everyone- cross your fingers over the weekend for me, I have a friend's deb ball (actually, the girl who's Holly Golightly is the debutante) and I find out from my first choice school on Saturday!!


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