Monday, December 15, 2008

It's Always Sunny in...December?

Yes, it is, in fact! I ordered these glasses a few months ago after a nice paycheck from working a bunch of hours, and boy are they worth it! These glasses are the perfect shape for my face, I think I have an oval face according to some magazines...who knows. I adore these glasses, PLUS I found them on sale too! I had originally wanted the Lilly Pulitzer "Dawn" sunglasses, but I was a little apprehensive about the $150 price tag. Instead, I did my research and found these bad boys, usually $130, for around $83 plus shipping. I mainly keep them in the car for a quick "it's-too-sunny-to-see-over-the-Severn-River-Bridge" fixes. It happens more than you'd think. I swear that bridge has a weather pattern all its own.

I went out on a limb ordering these without trying them on, and I don't usually impulse buy things like that. I went in to a Ray Bans store in my mall, but to my dismay, they didn't have any of this pair (RB 4099). I decided I was going to order them anyway, and worst comes to worst, deal with customer service. Lucky for me, I got them, and they were perfect! Well, actually, they got to my house super late, because I ordered them during the like hurricane over the summer.

As I am wearing them on my head right now, they make a fabulous headband too. My hair's like 80142x longer than it was over the summer, so I couldn't do it then. My friend Maeve, who is super excited to have a blogging friend (me!) loves these too, when I got them she called them "beautiful" aka two thumbs up. She didn't think that she could "pull them off" but I seriously think that these glasses look great on everyone. They are definitely in the "oversized" category, if you couldn't tell in the picture!

They come in 2 versions: black with grey gradient, and tortoise shell with brown gradient. I am a huge fan of tortoise shell, but for practicality's sake, I got the black instead. I don't regret it at all. Black is much more advantageous for driving, which I learned in a magazine recently because apparently brown distorts the stop lights? I think that's a little bit of trash...but hey, I'll agree because I have the black.

Definitely these glasses are great quality, and well made, and when ordering online check that you get all the legit stuff! Happy shopping!


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