Saturday, December 13, 2008

Natalie Franke Photography

So Senior Year is coming to a jolting milestone: second semester. I can't believe it. Among exams, college apps, and regular school assignments, senior pictures are a big event. I did this pictures with Natalie Franke, a freshman at Towson University's Honors College. I loved this shoot and had a blast! Natalie started her little enterprise a little while ago and already has many dedicated followers. With a website, , and Facebook group with over 250 friends, Natalie is your girl!

In this shoot, I decided to go with MY color: pink of course. I wore the Nancy sweater in Bookworm Argyle for the first half of the shoot, and then a pink long sleeve polo for the second part. Not only was a super comfortable in my Lilly Sweater, but I (think!) looked fun too. Along with Lilly Pulitzer Main Line jeans, and my black polka-dot wellies, from Target ($20 never looked so good!). I was all set for my early March shoot. With a simple J. Crew white T under my sweater I was warm enough to be able to move, and just cool enough not to have red cheeks!

The Nancy sweater is the perfect weight for just this temperature. My Main Line jeans have held up for almost a year to date, but I will need to replace them soon. They still have great color, but small signs of wear and tear are beginning to show up on the pockets. The best thing about these pants though, is their long inseam. They are higher-waisted than most jeans that are made for a 17 year old, but I like the fit a lot. Their boot-cut makes them perfect for wearing over Uggs, or flats!

Natalie was an AWESOME photographer who made me totally comfortable in front of the lens. A few of my close friends have gone to her for their own shoots, and one of my friends, an aspiring actress, went to her for her headshots. I want all of my readers who live around here to check out Natalie!! She rocks!


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