Saturday, December 13, 2008

One of THE COOLEST Preppy Places Online!

If you haven't already found it, is one of the best places to find older LP and Vineyard Vines, along with seasonal lines like Island Company, clothes! They seriously offer some of the best, and some of my own favorite items on their website. They are ALWAYS getting new stuff, so check back often.

All of their lines are organized by style. Women's has the most amount of stuff, but they have recently added a Men's section as well, which is pretty cool. I can't wait to order some stuff. As of today, they have over 10 pages of clothing items in their catalogue, the actually have 14 pages. You can even have a wish list, and gift registry. You can also order gift certificates for the preppy's in your family!

Their prices are even lower than the "Sale" or "Clearance" sections on some websites. Take for instance, the "Blayne Dress", one of my ABSOLUTE favorites from the Summer 2008 collection, is on sale for $79 and change. Seriously, this rocks! It started at $198 and is down to a fraction of that now! I mean how cute is this?! I was so disappointed when I saw that this dress was a shirt on my 6'0" body. Anyway, I love this dress, and this website! has also recently added a shoe section, which is to die for! This section is great, because a lot of Signature Stores or Via Shops can't order a full selection of shoe sizes. Not only does have a great shoe selection, but they have a variety of sizes to "boot"! They have shoes, for a much cheaper price, that some stores still advertise for full. Take "The Club Wedge", which are beautifully made and super super comfortable, are on sale for $99, while some stores still have them for $198, DOUBLE THE PRICE! They have flats, heels, sandals, McKims and wedges too. I want everyone to check out these guys!

I love this online store, and my only qualm with them is that they don't have a store I can come visit in! Thanks for offering a great selection of Lilly Pulitzer at an even better price!


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