Friday, January 16, 2009

Coldest Day of Winter

So, today is the coldest day of the winter! I can't believe it, only 7 degrees today when I got out of my bed for school. Being a Lilly Lover, I am NOT a fan of cold weather or snow for that matter. I like sundresses, and sandals, and cardigans, while the vests, and sweaters, and pants hide in the back of my closet! My mom is working on a weekend for a school group that I'm a part of. We are 14 Senior class members, the Prefects, just like the ones in Harry Potter. I'm pretty excited because we're heading to Bethany. It is going to be COLD down by the water, and my neighborhood in Bethany is on the bayside. All the Prefects except one are coming so it will be a long weekend that I'm sure everyone will enjoy!

We are all heading up tomorrow morning for a part planning weekend, part bonding sesh! My mom and dad are the "chaperones" along with our Prefect adviser. My mom has gotten up a few activities like a scavenger hunt and a quiz game that has to do with all kinds of stuff about the Prefects themselves, our school, and our school activities. I am super excited to have everyone out at the house. We can all fit, PLUS my mom, dad, and sister.

All I can think about today is the end of the quarter AND the beach weekend! I am currently in free period at school, wearing a pink cable knit sweater under my uniform fleece. Preps everywhere would really like my uniform: khakis, dirty bucks (suede Bass shoes with the pink bottoms), white polos, and black school fleeces. Since today was SO cold, I thought I'd add an extra layer of preppy warmth! Let me say, boy, am I cozy, sitting here in our Learning Resource Center!

For the boys, the Fridays are always "Pink Tie Friday". It's an unofficial rule for the boys that on Fridays you just wear pink ties. I LOVE THIS TRADITION. I think boys should wear more pink because whether it's a tie, sweater, oxford, they are all fabulous in pink!!!!!

I hope everyone enjoys a VERY winter-y day and the sub-freezing temperatures! Have a fun and relaxing long weekend everyone! I'll be thinking about you while I'm at the chilly beach!


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Amanda C. Bee said...

want to be my blog friend? Going to bethany in this weather...are you mental? :) Hope to see you soon!
xoxo should know who this the case you don't just ask :)