Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I is for Inauguration

So, political agendas aside, Michelle Obama is a fabulous dresser! Today's yellow ensemble was so cute! I have to say that I do love the way she dresses. This yellow eyelet dress with the fabulous neckline was a blogging must! How could I resist not commenting about her outfit! Other than the cold, this knee-length outfit was super appropriate and such a great look-forward-to-spring-on-January-20th look! She was glowing the many times that CNN would switch to watch her during the President's speech.

Now I know that Mrs. Obama has been both critiqued at heralded for her outfit options ranging from the "Black Market/White House" dresses to the Isabel Toled combination she wore today. No doubt that the previously unknown Isabel Toled will be absolutely FAMOUS after today.

I have a hard time understanding how she kept warm, however she looked very nice doing it! I cannot wait to see the rest of her options because as of today, Jackie O. may have a competitor for best dressed first-lady! Also, Malia and Sasha looked adorable in their respective outfits. Although, they did look a bit colder! Both girls were wearing J.Crew coats and they did look adorable as well! Michelle was also wearing J.Crew at the children's inaugural concert, who knows maybe she'll be the next preppy icon also, Jackie O.! I can't wait to see what other kind of outfits Michelle has in store for us, because clearly we like them already!



Amanda C. Bee said...

Not going to lie...I found out your blog existed via the Facebook Group...The P**k C**b..(way to be incognito...)
You need to get a pic of Jill Biden from the day of the train ride...she is wearing Ashley's (the one who buys the jewelry, and it's actually hers because they were all sold out and Jill emailed saying she needed a colorful scarf) squiggly scarf (in purple). Apparently she's a big shopper there.

Kate said...

I hope the adrenaline and excitement was keeping her warm cause I was freezing and wearing like 8 layers!