Monday, January 26, 2009

If only I had $850 to blow...

I would buy this:
The Lilly "Crown Jeweled Clutch". It is covered in Swarovski crystals in this fabulous print. I would, nonetheless, be very afraid to carry it around, and a cheap knockoff would probably be easy to come by, but still, knowing I owned this baby. I mean, for practicality's sake, I could never and would never buy this, but how cool would it be just to be one of the few who own it? It doesn't really hold much, but it IS covered in pink crystals. See all I can do is pine of this "accessory" for lack of a better name. It's not really a wallet, and it's not really a purse, and it is certainly not a bag by any sort, so for now we'll call it an "accessory". I mean, I guess, technically it's a clutch, but I'm still used to much bigger clutches. The one I had for prom was the size of Texas, literally, that thing was HUGE.

This accessory is tough to find anywhere because I'm sure Lilly didn't make many of them. LP doesn't make many copies of expensive items, which I've learned working at a signature store, so if you like any of the "big ticket items" buy them while you can (i.e. long dresses, heavily beaded dresses, leather shoes, gold accessories, jeweled clutches...). So if you're genuinely interested in this clutch, go for it now, versus waiting in the long run. I think that you will be infinitely more successful if you buy it now, and then you have it, instead of waiting to buy it and potentially walking away empty-handed.

For now, we can all just admire this fabulous piece of artwork!


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Amanda C. Bee said...

HRH would not let you.