Saturday, January 24, 2009

Prom Ideas

I'm sitting here in my bed at 10:14 pm, very sick. All of my friends are out tonight at this party, but I have zero voice and am coughing my lungs up, so it leads me to thinking about the rest of the year. All that my mind seems to zero in on is PROM. All the craziness, drama, and whatnot that comes with it too. Thinking about prom on a Saturday night, niiiiiiice. Anyway, I am looking up all kinds of dresses that I might be interested in. I haven't seemed to find the perfect one yet. Last year, I wore the Lilly long one (I've talked about it like 80 times on here) that I adore. I will wear that dress to as many functions as I can, for however long it lasts me. I knew that I had wanted to get that dress in August of my Junior year (yes, like before the school year had even begun). This year, however, I am not as prepared. I have no ideas as to what I want, and I don't really know where to begin. I found a few dresses that have caught my eye, but somehow, they all seem to have one "tragic flaw" as my wise AP English teacher would say.

I really have no idea what I want, and all of these happen to fall within the "pink" category, but it's not a requirement. I know that I can't be spending like thanks-a-million, and I know that I don't want to wear Lilly again. I just didn't fall in love with any of the Jubilee dresses, and I don't want to spend a ton. I know I do want a long dress, and I'm not like really comfortable with strapless, but I'd be willing to try. So far, these are my four ideas. They all strike me as wearable, but I'm not DYING to have any specific one.

This is Nicole Miller. I like her a lot. Purple is NOT my thing at all. This is labeled as "fuchsia", but I still question the integrity of the colors online. I love lurex though. I am a HUGE fan of this type of fabric. It is so luxurious and fabulous that I cannot pass up anything with some sparkle. This is a rather conservative dress in it's shape, but I hesitate before spending $465 on a strapless dress that I'm sure I'd be semi-uncomfortable in.
This I love. It is bright, long, and very cute! My problem with this is that I have a small chest, so a dress like this with rather open cleavage makes me weary. I must wear um, helpful undergarments if you catch my drift, and the plunge-y-ness of this neckline, would make said undergarments very difficult to wear. I have, however, seen this dress in person, and it is SO nice. I have seen it in a coral-y color and a robin's egg blue shade and both were stunning. Right above the shoulders is some gold detailing and the website advises to wear this with gold jewelry.
This dress is very NOT typical me at all. Let me stress that first of all. It is very striking, and I wonder how self-conscious I'd be in it. I mean seriously, that's one of the prettiest models ever, and I don't know if I could really "pull this one off". I even wonder if this dress could almost qualify as "trashy". Please tell me if you think it does. I hardly see myself in this dress, but part of me likes it. I do love the detailing on the back beading too. This dress, though, too, would be tough to wear undergarments under, because look at a) how tight it is and b) how could you ever get a brassiere strap with a dress-back like that?!
I find this dress amazing. Bright pink, fabulous, and again, full of lurex. It is strapless, though, but a few girls wore similar dresses to our prom last year, and they were beautiful. One dress was blue with silver lurex in it, and another was white with gold lurex in it. I envied those girls so much, and now I have finally found who made their dresses!

So, as you consider my pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-preliminary ideas, tell me which one you like the best. My mom is going to be reading this thinking that I'm nuts for writing about prom so early and that I'm blogging at now 10:35, while I'm sick. Regardless, it's all I can occupy myself with while all of my friends are out! I hope everyone has a nice weekend!

By the way, the download for the day: "Lucky" by Jason Mraz featuring Colbie Calliat. SO CUTE! I LOVE THIS!



Classy in Philadelphia said...

Just saw that you are following my blog, and I absolutely love yours! Just added it to my reader.

Natalie Franke said...

Oh my gosh! These are so so so beautiful.. I love the second dress a lot! =) Ahh!

Kate said...

I love number 2!