Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wonderful Wallets

Recently, I've gotten back into lugging my VV tote around again. I find myself wanting to take more and more STUFF with me when I go places, that I somehow need a tote bag again. I have so much stuff in that bag right now, I swear it must be bottomless. I also, in my bag of wonders, have this fabulous wallet. I got it from Forever 21 awhile ago. It's a knockoff of a HOBO wallet which runs like $100+ while this one is only $10.50. And I am not buying a $100 WALLET. I love love love the pale green one that a friend of mine has. This is the HOBO wallet (in kind of a not-functional patent maroon color):They have so many useful compartments, a closeable section for change, and an easy access pocket for your I.D. However, $100+ is too much for a wallet alone.

I happened to stumble upon this one in forever 21. Mine is a pale pink color with a black paisley coin section. It is a little different than the HOBO one, but clearly inspired by it.The color I have actually coincidentally matches the pink of the VV whale print that is on my tote bag. This color resembles their logo pink more than the shade used in their silk prints. The inside of these wallets are equally as cute as the HOBO ones, and have all of the features of the HOBO model. They have a place to slide in paper money, a coin purse, credit card slots, and an I.D. "window". The inside of this pink one looks like this:Talk about cute. I mean Pink and Navy, this is my second favorite combination only to pink and green! This print is reminiscent of the Lilly "Audrey" shift dress in the "Vanilla Oh Jackie" print:(I don't think I've used this many pictures in a single blog post ever!!) Anyway, the Forever 21 wallet comes in Yellow, Black, Dark Pink (what I featured), Cream, and Purple (which is more like Dark Blue Violet). If you are in need of a larger wallet, go for this one! The coin purse part of it can double as a cell phone pocket if you're not one to carry coins and jingle! They are still available online, so definitely check them out! I myself have used mine for probably close to a year, and all the hardware is in mint condition, none of the fabric has ripped, the I.D. "window" is as clear as it was when I bought it, and none of the credit card slots or money areas have gotten stretched out!!! Happy shopping!


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