Sunday, February 22, 2009

Katie's Worrying About Prom (again...)

Shallow, yes, I know and I'm sorry, but all of a sudden, people are all talking about prom! A lot of you bloggers have real stories that are adorable, heartwarming, some are about kids, but I'm only in high school. Yeah, very trivial, but I am a planner and I would much rather have m dress in advance than down to the wire. Last year I had my Lilly picked out in August when the style book came to the store. May 15th is the big day, and just dress drama is beginning to circulate. No dates yet, but I will keep you updated for sure! Anyway, I decided that most of the dresses that I posted the other day were generally wrong (except I'm going to post one of them again, it made the most recent cut). This time, I like a lot more of the ones I'm posting as in there's much less wrong with them than the the last time I posted it. Also, this is the first time that my mom is realizing that I'm thinking about prom and that I even have dress ideas, hi mom! I NEED HONEST FEEDBACK (aka tell me if they're ugly please!!!!!!!)
Option one: black, chic, very long (yay!), gorgeous. A girl had this dress last year and looked SO pretty, but hers was in coral. Anyway I like this a lot.
Option two: black (I swear they're not all black!!!!), skinny, sleek, potentially hard to walk in, again very long, and the back is cool, its like an X I like it too! *Cool fact: she's an ex-Lilly model, recognize her from the Resort 2008 shoot?!
Option three: green, Milly (on sale!!), potentially too casual (I need feedback on appropriate-ness guys!), very pretty at least online, I like it, maybe not long enough?
Option four: probably my favorite so far!!!!! pink, conservative, paisley, very long, lightly sequined at the top, keyhole neckline, and I can wear my platinum Jacks underneath.Option five: the sole survivor from last time (see "Older Posts").

Option six: not pictured, Lilly Chellis Dress in "OK Coral" if I can find it. Ebay, Craig's List, in some store, IF YOU CAN FIND IT TELL ME! I LOVE THIS DRESS and I would love to wear it to prom, but it is SO unbelievably hard to find so its wishful thinking on my part.

Anyway, I hope that you guys post please because I can't choose and there's a good chance that I may not even be wearing any of these. That makes me think of another idea, if you have any other cute, affordable, classy ideas for my dress, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me!!!! I would love some input everyone!! Have a good week everyone!



College Prepster said...

I pick option four! Last year, I wore the Lilly Pulitzer Jillie dress (long, halter, pink/white/green). One of my guy friends actually told me that he like it when girls wore different dresses! The paisley is cute and elegant at the same time :)

Belle- Pink Cupcake said...

Dont worry, im in high school also and I feel I post about trivial stuff also! I say pick the one you feel most pretty in, thats always the most important thing!

Preppy 101 said...

I love #4... so classy and very Lilly-ish! You are very smart to get the dress dilemma out of the way early!! Then you can just enjoy everything else about prom. My PD always had her dress well in advance of prom when she was in high school!! Then we had plenty of time to get great shoes, purse, jewelry, etc! Keep us posted on your decision!!

Classy in Philadelphia said...

I love 3 and 4. Come on! It's spring...get away from the black! I love light colors, especially for prom! Mine was light yellow..I adored it.

Sweet Nothings said...

that first dress is STUNNING.

ms. mindless said...

i like the first black dress (that neckline is HOT), the milly dress and the last pink one.

Southern Belle said...

i came across your blog searching for the chellis dress in ok coral. don't know if 6 is your size or not but if so, then one is on ebay and has a day left for bidding.