Saturday, February 21, 2009

Baltimore Auto Show!!!

Last Saturday (yes, Valentine's, but that's an entirely different story thanks to La's boyfriend's impromptu ski trip), my friend La and I went to our first car show. Talk about impressed! We had such a fun time seeing all the cars that we couldn't really afford. What am I saying, we can't afford them. We started out driving up to the convention center and our "journey" started. The place was carpeted with like road carpet, so cute! The groups were organized by maker (VW, Volvo, Dodge, Acura, Infinity, Lexus, etc.). We set out first to the Dodge Challenger (?) I think it was called. La's boyfriend, Van, wants it I believe she told me. We took tons of pictures, and surprisingly, people didn't give us funny looks (or at least the funny looks weren't for taking pictures). It was such like a myspace-y thing to do, but they're hilarious. We both found our DREAM cars, but so did everyone else there. This was hers:
Lexus RX 330, silver (but she wants it in like Cherry Red)
This is mine:Acura MDX, very shiny Black.
We were car hopping in just about every maker that there was. We loved a BMW gold convertible with a backseat that your pet hamster couldn't fit in comfortably. Another time, we got into a gold Cadillac Escalade, when one of the car shoppers asked us "Now, girls, why are you in this car? Can you really buy one?" I had no idea what to say. La to the rescue, "Oh yes sir. Can we get you one too?" He responds "Girl, can I get you number to let you know?!" What started out as a semi-awkward interaction turned into something that I laugh at looking back on!! Before that exchange, we got to the Mini Cooper section. That was fun. On my way to the Deb ball, I rode in a Mini, and found that it was pleasantly roomy especially for 6'0'' tall me. We found one that had French doors opening its trunk, and so we decided to do this:
People started laughing at us for this one too. I was SO squished in there. Like, the roof cuts off sorta right above my eye, but that was where the actual roof began. You think I'm like bending but really, it was a struggle to get all of me in there!! What a darling car though! It was super cute! We had such a fun time looking at all the cars and doing some secret people watching!


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Belle- Pink Cupcake said...

I love car shows!! My grandma just bought that mini, its so funny seeing her drive it! My town is made up of half of the new MDX and half rx350. Seriously, its nuts! I want one!