Thursday, February 19, 2009


Alright, so everyone's pretty aware of the "Oh Shift!" Lilly Christmas ornaments. Well, first, I would like to point out (Amanda C. Bee, correct me if I'm wrong) that a local signature store close to me is the inspiration. In the old store, at Christmas time and sometimes if the tags were on hand, shift-dress-package-tags were included on wrapped gifts. They were like tags that you could write to/from on that were Lilly prints, printed out on regular like computer paper and then cut out. After wrapping and bow-ing a gift, they were included where the ribbon crosses on the gift where the bow is tied (its important to point out that I adore gift-wrapping, its what I do when I work). Continuing, Lilly is putting out stationary, if you didn't know. They're putting out notecards, paper, party supplies (napkins, plates, invites, etc.), invites, thank-you notes, pens, paper, you know the deal. This is an example of some of it:

How cute?! Well, I am dreaming (and maybe this is a stretch) that these DARLING cards were also store-inspired. They've got to be correlated with the ornaments, which are related to our store, so by the transitive property (who knew that geometry would be important later in life?) they are related to the store!!!!! Again, I'll admit that this is probably a stretch, but I can be proud of the store! Either way, they are super cute and I love them!! I can't wait to get my hands on some!!



Wearing Mascara said...


Those are really cute cards - love them! Thanks for stopping by my blog btw and following I really appreciate it! :-)


K @ Blog Goggles said...

I've been looking forward to their stationary line for soo long! It's so cute.

Beth Dunn said...

I live for their stationary. I had some before it came out and have already used it. Which store do you work in? The one in King of Prussia PA is doing a book signing for me. I love lilly! Always have. Come by some time