Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spring is on its Way!

So there are a few tell-tale (is that the phrase?) signs that spring is on its way: warmer weather, brighter colors, longer days, greener grass, April showers, you know the deal. Well, in every single county in Maryland, lacrosse season is beginning. And I love it! As I've mentioned before, I am NOT a lacrosse player. I used to be, until I hit high school when things got way too competitive for my likings. I manage the boy's team for my school, which is a blast. My sophomore year I "worked" for the JV team learning the ropes, stats, and other general information about boy's lacrosse. Then my junior year, I moved up to the varsity squad, with a year under my belt. This year, I'm still working for varsity and the tryouts started today!

The boys had their fitness test today, meaning that by the time they get home, if they are still standing, they're in good shape. I was talking to a few of the players today who were hesitantly talking about the 6 miles worth of sprints that they're going to do today, among all the push-ups, timed miles, and other various physical fitness activities. WOW, this is why I manage. The coaches are a really fun group of men that I've gotten to know really over the season. One is a famous JHU ex-player, another (who I've known for awhile) is an ex-UMD player who has had his sons play there, and the third is an ex-Wesleyan player. They all get along, demand a lot from their team, and do know what they're doing.

These boys are my biggest cupcake fans. I earned the name "cupcake queen" on my spirit week shirt, and I'm sure they were some of my biggest supporters for my winning the superlative "most likely to be the next Martha Stewart" in my yearbook! (Clearly, I couldn't be prouder!) They have about 2 or 3 games each week, and I bake 2 boxes of Funfetti cupcakes (yielding ~50) for their last game of each week! Their first scrimmage is just over 2 hours away from our school, and it's not even a game!! I can't believe sometimes how serious this game gets, but some of these boys have committed to college to play, which gives them total bragging rights!!

I can't wait for the season to officially start on the 28th (brrrr!) for the first game! It should be very (cold) fun! I will be sure to keep everyone updated on how the season progresses! Go Admirals!!


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