Saturday, April 11, 2009

Stars for Lilly: A Colorful Cause

Recently, as I'm sure you've all seen in recent LP emails, ads, and other forms of communication, I'm sure you've noticed the Lilly Summer 2009 Jubilee lines made by the stars! I think this is such a fun idea for branching out! Two of my favorites were the Brooke Shields for Lilly and Elizabeth Filarski Hasselbeck (I'll always remember her as Filarksi from Survivor and The Look for Less). The Brook Shields design is too cute:Not to mention, the picture is too cute!! A very cute mommy-and-me combination for the summer. Actually, I do believe that all the lines are some sort of matching combo for older girls and younger girls, there's even a Gwyneth Paltrow swimwear set for a son too! That's the main advertisement for the actress' lines for Lilly.

Another one of my favorites was the Elizabeth Hasselbeck. She is a very preppy celebrity, seen here with the fabulous in pink Sarah Palin: What a cute preppy duo! Love both of them in their pink and green! Elizabeth's line is another darling addition to the Lilly Summer 2009 Jubilee line! I will always be partial to a pink LP anything, though! This trio is the same group/"family" that models the Gwyneth Paltrow line on the same jetty.

As People Magazine reports, Lilly is sponsoring "A Colorful Cause: Celebrity Designer Program, which honors the label’s 50th anniversary by supporting The Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation". Kudos to LP for this wonderful cause and teaming up with some fab celebrities to make these designs!



preppyplayer said...

Great post. I love when brands support a cause and bring attention to it, very noble and the absolute right thing to do.

Michelle said...

i loveee elizabeth hasselbeck. i think she's the cutest thing ever.

Sweet Nothings said...

I lvoe that pic of elizabeth and sarah palin..its on my desk at work!

Miss Janice said...

Love the "Colorful Cause" Collection and girl I just love that photo of Elizabeth and Sarah Palin!