Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Such an Exciting Day!!!

First OoB (Order of Business): I got my first blog tag today! Thanks to The Tale of a Southern Belle, I was tagged! I couldn't be more excited!! There are few things that make me more excited than people liking what I write. I can't believe it! Yay!

Second of all, I've recently been having self-induced phone problems. Yuck. Like two weeks ago I accidentally dropped my phone in a cup of apple juice in the car. (I gave up soda and it was from my way to school, so yes, I did in fact have a cup of apple juice in my car). The cup holder is right next to this little spot in my civic where my phone sits perfectly. Well, with the slip of a hand, there went my phone...then I picked it right up, fast fast! We (there were two other girls in the car) dried it off, and then not knowing cardinal rule numero uno of phone wetness (fyi that rule is keep all parts separate and dry battery face up and phone body face down), kept all the parts together. Well, little did I know any wetness in your phone can lead to short circuiting even if you dry the surface off. Well, today I went to the BestBuy Mobile store to get all my contacts converted to of of my friend's old phones. On my way back to the car, the bag display at Nordstrom's struck me. First in the little window was a patent yellow/straw Kate Spade bag we have at the store, so I was immediately excited! Then I looked over to one of the other racks and saw these Dooney and Bourke bags: How cute are these?! On top of their adorable-ness, they are only $135 for full size D&B bags! In looking on the website to find these pictures, they also have a fabulous seersucker bag too! Post prom, my budget will definitely have to find room for one of these puppies. This is called the "Victoria Bag" and I think it is my favorite shape. It comes in 22 color combinations so there is certainly one to match your wardrobe needs. I just love these bags! They were enough to make me go out of my walking-to-the-car path to look at them up close and inquire about the price. Check them out asap, they're good for a preppy closet!

Thanks for the tag!



Michelle said...

i like the bag on top the best, it's cute. :)
too bad i'm not a big bag person.

and i'm sorry about your phone! that's annoying.

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Those bags are too cute. I must put in my order with the Easter Bunny.

Kate said...

I love these bags too. I wonder if they will introduce other animal patterns

Sweet, Sassy, and Always Classy said...

I like the bottom bag the best. Man, I need to get a job. Too cute!