Monday, September 14, 2009

Big College Tests

Ahh! I have my first big college test tomorrow! Its an "Evolution of Nursing Science" test, blahhh. I wrote down all the answers to the questions on our studyguide and scanned them so I have them in my files. I'm a little nervous, but our teacher gave us a great studyguide! I've been at the library all morning since my class got out today. Roomie and have been studying separately but we'll probably collaborate tonight. I went to the library for the first time today (oops!) and it was awesome. The library here has 7 floors I think. I must have looked so silly walking in and not knowing where to go!

On another note, I began following about 10 more blogs today! Yay! Maybe it was more, I always lose track. Its been awhile since I've commented on stuff, but forgive me. When I get a free minute I'll be back to blogging!

Wish me luck for tomorrow!