Thursday, September 17, 2009


I have this LBD from forever 21. You MUST BUY IT! I LOVE IT! It is the perfect cut and length to be appropriate for a span of situations. I've worn it for birthday dinners, formal meetings and I plan to rock it for a gameday! At USC, all the girls wear LBD's with garnet (NOT maroon, I've been corrected of that probably 4 times) costume jewelry. I've seen some photos and they look adorable.

I got this dress several months ago, and I've been searching for it on forever 21's website. Now, I know some of you are like "forever 21? Really?" and I totally understand because usually its hit or miss. This is a definite hit...hit and sunk (just like battleship!!). You must must must go out and buy this dress or get it online. Online ordering from forever 21 is sometimes a little shady with sizes and things, but it runs true to size. I can go between a small or medium from there, and mine is a small. I'm sure I could have gone with either one, but I got the small, so don't hesitate with sizing.

Go out and grab one for yourself A-SAP!



Preppy 101 said...

Very cute!!

Pink & Green Preppy said...

thats so funny, I almost just ordered that the other day. It's such a classic piece and it is incredibly cheap!

Miss Janice said...

I'm def not saying "Forever 21?" I love that dress and I just bought THE cutest khaki skirt at Target for $19.99, which will most likely be a staple in my fall/winter wardrobe...with tights and crewneck and cardigan sweaters! Cute clothes are everywhere...I love it!