Thursday, September 17, 2009

Spotted! LP at a Polo Match in the Hamptons. With C, B, and S?

For those of you who watch Gossip Girl, or have read the books, you'll recognize the format of my title. L for Lilly (Pulitzer) obviously!! If anyone watched the season 3 opener, you'd have noticed the 3 Lillys in at the polo match!! Lilly online (pre website do over) used to have a section where'd they feature LP products if they were on TV, but I don't think they have it anymore. In the "Press" section, they haven't updated it yet unless they haven't seen it! I managed to get some shots of the episode on my computer from watching the episode online:
See that yellow halter? Its Lilly! The Willa Dress has also been on Desperate Housewives thanks to Bree Van De Kamp. I actually featured it on one of my first posts!This is the back of the Willa. You can see the preppy guest with her back to the camera.

There was another Lilly in the episode as well. Its very similar to the Kristiana Dress, but I can't seem to find the name of it anywhere!
Look at the dress behind both Blair and Chuck...Lilly! This is one of my most favorite dresses ever! There's a photo at the Pink Crab of the old manager and the store owner and she's wearing it and I love it! Check this one where you can see the front. Tell me if you can spot the 3rd and last Lilly:
Now you can see the dress fully next to the man in the pink blazer (oh how I wish to go to a Polo match!), and its much more recognizable!! She looks adorable. Try to spot the 3rd Lilly? See it? Hidden directly right of the woman dressed like a prisoner in all orange, the woman's wearing a traditional shift. Here's a better photo:
See it now? She's slightly bent over in the background!

Spotted, L at a Polo match. Is she talking mingling RL? I guess you'll never know.


PS. I've never posted 2 posts in one day--it probably won't ever happen again! Oops!


Gracie Beth said...

I thought I spotted some Lilly!

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

Good eye missy! It slipped my eye, but oh I love some L and some GG!

Kate said...

Wow you have quite the eye! I didn't even notice-but I did have 5 friends over so I was kinda distracted!