Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Current Desire

So as you all know, I'm at college. While not having your entire wardrobe at your discretion, you remember the things you really love. Not to mention, the weather here is a bit silly, with yesterday being chilly and torrential downpour and today's sunny and 80 degrees! Since I haven't been at home, I've realized how much I try different jewelry on with clothes. Normally each day, I wear simple post earrings (generally pearls, silver pearls, faint pink pearls or pearl/diamond combo studs) and one of two silver bracelets given to me as gifts as a reminder of my fam. Recently, I've been looking at other types of earrings and I've decided that my two top choices are from KEP Designs (ahh who doesn't love them) and Fornash (a hometown-ish brand)!! My mom has a wonderful pair of diamond starfish earrings from a tiny boutique from here in Columbia! Ever since she got those, I've been looking for similar ones myself. Another family friend has a pair of starfish earrings that have pink diamonds and they're beautiful! I love these KEP Design starfish (however, they're WAY above budget):

These earrings are so fabulous! We sold some KEP floral earrings and necklaces (a cheaper version of Van Cleef and Arpels) and they sold out as fast as we could restock them! KEP Designs are always fabulous! There's another size that I think are ideal for jewelry wear-ers like me who like small earrings for just around $120!

Next on my list are two pairs from Fornash. Fornash has a great little store right in Georgetown that is full of preppy pink and green trinkets!

And this great combo in pink too!

These pink and white starries run just around $45, much better than the $400 KEP ones! How cute would any of these pairs be with a black turtle neck (a piece in my winter collection that I can't live without) and jeans or a crew neck and flats? These starries will definitely be on my Christmas list for ' that bad I'm already starting a list!

What jewelry do you wear all the time? Is there something (besides a wedding ring...) that you seem to wear all the time?


PS. Aren't you guys just loving the new Blogger features for posting?! I know I am!


mFw said...

Those are adorable! And no it's not bad you've started your list, I think I've had a Christmas list going in my head since August. Obviously the things I wanted then have now changed, like Burberry rainboots. I just don't think they'll go well enough with pink and green - haha! Now I'm thinking at least 2 pairs of revas and lots of resort lilly! Have a good night!


Her Preppiness said...

Great choices.

QueenBeeSwain said...

LOVE KEP Designs- I have the triple-strand potato pearl necklace that twists- oooh love it so much!

I wear my pearl earrings and my monogram necklace pretty much constantly!


Beth Dunn said...

I love those earrings--so pretty! xoxo