Thursday, October 29, 2009

College Attire

Again, with all the college information, I'm sure you guys have had enough of it! Today I wore this: 

It is seriously the perfect weather here right now. I had on my pink Lilly Madge fleece and black JR's, and was so comfy! This is by no means the usual for me because I'm typically in a polo and/or a sweater for class, but I woke up 10 minutes before class started! Yikes! Thankfully I can walk about 10 steps out of my dorm and get right into the building where my 8am English class is. 

Recently I've been thinking (again) about how sloppily college kids dress. I looked online to see if I could find college rules for dressing, but nothing came up with that title. I came upon the FABULOUS website (they have no idea I'm posting this as I type it now) and it gave me exactly what I was looking for! Under their "features" section there is a feature named At College. They put the rules for dressing for class very well: 
While the Etiquette Grrls realize that for many young people, college represents Sudden Freedom from the constraints of Prep School Dress Codes, we were entirely shocked to find that so many of Our Peers took this as license to wear nasty sweatpants and ripped t-shirts to class! Dear Reader, college classes, whether they be seminars or lectures, are Public Events, and you should dress presentably! While a skirt or dress is not required for girls, nor a coat and tie for boys, you should always wear neat, clean, attractive clothing.
I couldn't agree more! I feel like the very least thing that you can do is wear jeans. None of this "leggings" stuff, it looks like you're not wearing pants and your whole behind is RIGHT there! There is even a girl in my nursing class that doesn't wear shoes. If you want to be a nurse, how could you take ALL those risks by not wearing shoes at a college campus?? I think that there is no excuse for people who wear sweatpants to class. In my closet, my jeans sit right next to my sweatpants so there is no difference in the time it takes to put jeans on or find them, it is the least you can do fellow scholars!

I hope people out there agree and aren't just "tsk"-ing when you read this!



Gracie Beth said...

I try to wear jeans every day but honestly there are just some days when I have been up all night studying when I wear either shorts or yoga pants but I always try to look somewhat decent.

mFw said...

Katie- no I completely agree! People look like absolute slobs where I'm at school sometimes. People are really into the v neck undershirts. Sweatpants are definetely worn. Another thing that bugs me is wearing really nice designer jeans with ugly tennis shoes. People do this all the time and it just seems so simple to wear sperrys or ballet flats or anything else. Great job for posting this - I don't have a blog but if I did I would totally post about this.

CRICKET said...

I have always liked the saying, "life is not a dress rehearsal." So I always try to look my best. I agree with MFW on the tennis shoes thing. I am a SAHM and I am amazed what parents wear to school to drop-off and pick-up their children. Hello - we are setting an example!!

Justin said...

A nursing student with bare feet? So wrong. Sweat pants as general purpose attire? That only works if you have lots of bling.

Beth Dunn said...

Adorable outfit! oxxo


thepreppyprincess said...

The polyvore is fabulous, really cute! And you hit upon a pet peeve for us (and everyone else it seems!), the sloppiness in public issue. When did 'casual' become sloppy?

Great post Miss LBP!

Beth Dunn said...

I have that fleece too. I love it and wear it all the time xoxo


TWA said...

I could not agree more. I dont care how hard you studied (or partied) last night but you need to go to class looking like you actually are trying to pull yourself together. I could not agree with you more that jeans are the least you could go. Leggings are ridiculous. I am sorry but sweatpants are never appropriate outside of your house. Its good to know there are other girls out there that are equally aghast as I with what some people walk around wearing. My mother always told me "It does not matter what the other girls are wearing you must always go out looking you best" sage advice

Sarah Wyland said...

I'm with Gracie Beth - I generally dress nice for class or at the very least jeans and sorority shirt, but every once in a while, those cozy sweats are just deemed necessary. :)

Jen said...

i have a confession. i have to admit that 1. i used to wear sweatpants to class sometimes (when i was in school) and 2. i am wearing sweatpants right now.

whenever I have worn sweatpants out I always do feel like a big slob but yet....i still continue to run out that way from time to time.

i really liked this post & lol-ed when I read about the nursing student without shoes...baaahahaha. priceless.

happy halloween-

The Wife said...

Love the blog!! From a new follower! USC alumni here!

Miss Janice said...

Love your Polyvore...those black Jack Rogers are darling. Why would anyone want to dress/look sloppy at college?