Sunday, November 1, 2009


So for Halloween, my promise to myself was to a) not pay for my costume ideally and b) not look trashy. I am not a huge fan of Halloween, and in my family we try as hard as possible to not celebrate it. Since I've stopped Trick or Treating when I was like in 5th grade-maybe-I've followed in my family's footsteps and never really been into the holiday. However, since being at college Halloween is taken VERY seriously. I attended 3 Halloween parties and attempted to have 3 different costumes. My goals were clear and simple and I somehow managed to fulfill both believe it or not! For my residence hall, we had a "Rave to the Grave". I'm on my residence hall government so I helped a lot in the planning of the event. I was more than happy to help run it but I had left my costume options up to that day...probably not the best idea! I used the trusty old google and ended up being an "autograph book" and had people sign me! Well, not only did it go over well, but I used highlighter for people to sign so it doubled as rave-wear! I'm not a huge fan of this photo, but its a good one of my shirt:

On the front it said "Are You Famous..." and on the back it said "...cause I could use your autograph". I loved this costume and would definitely recommend it to anyone! These are all people from my hall: a gorilla, me, Lucy Liu, and a USC frat boy (there's nothing in that cup :).

For night 2, a friend hosted a Halloween party at her apartment. Again, wanting to look classy and have an inexpensive (NOT CHEAP) costume I looked through my closet to see what I could come up with. I decided to go with a tried and true costume that I've worn for spirit week. I went as Elle Woods from Legally Blonde!

I wore a pink and green polka dot shift with a big pink coat on top! I wore Platinum jacks and was so so so comfy! My friend here is dressed up as champagne! I ABSOLUTELY loved her costume! I told her it was just about as sophisticated as a Halloween costume could get! She wore all cream colored clothing and super sparkly gold and pearl jewelry. She even had a logo on her sweater but I'm blocking it...oops! I loved the gold and opaque gift bow she wore on her head and she had a cork in her bag. Too cute!

Finally for the last night, I was basically all out of ideas. Night 3 in a 3 night ordeal that I don't usually celebrate. I broke down and googled "cheap easy Halloween costumes for college kids". Quite a wordy search so I didn't expect to get much. Well, there are some very creative people out there who suggest wonderful costume ideas! I saw a suggestion for Vanna White from Wheel of Fortune, and knew I could do it! My mom recently bought me a black floor length dress from forever21 that I knew could work with some blingin' jewelry and big high heels (Lilly "the High Life Sandal" actually). Vanna always has perfectly coiffed hair, so I decided to borrow a girl's curling iron from 2 doors down, Lucy Liu actually. These were the curls I came up with (thinking of all Summer Wind's curling tips, which work great by the way):

The quality isn't too good since its from a mirror (EW! so myspace-y I don't ever do it but it was the only way I could get a decent hair shot). I carried around the letter E on a piece of computer paper and asked people if they "Wanted to buy a vowel?". That was when they really knew who I was! Here's a better shot of the whole costume:

This friend of my went as Mrs. Polamalou (I'm probably killing the spelling of that name). We went to the last get together with each other!

I'd say that my 2 goals were accomplished both nights successfully! What were you all for Halloween? See any FABULOUS costumes you can't wait to steal next year? Hope everyone had safe holidays!



preppyplayer said...

Creative AND cost effective, mission accomplished.
I agree, not my favorite holiday, but I too try not to be a stick in the mud with all those that do take it so seriously!

Southern Champagne Wishes said...

I love all of your costumes - they are all so creative. I don't usually dress up, either. I think the Vanna White one is my fave!

mFw said...

Fabulous CLASSY costumes! I love all 3 especially Elle! I was a flamingo - my mom had bought the costume online last year so I just decided to use it again. There was actually some random guy with the same costume which was so funny! People ended up only dressing up last night which was fine with me. Hope you had an amazing first Halloween at college!

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

Darling costumes! I love your autograph idea! Too cute!!

Blair said...

you make a perfect Elle Woods! Very cute!

MWK said...

So adorable! I love that you got to THREE parties. So much fun. I always wanted to be Vanna I was little must have been a 90's thing!

Red Lipstick Style said...

I agree, I hate the trashy looks that seem to be so popular. you and your friends are so cute, however, you are all adorable and CLASSY!

Kate said...

Great costumes! I love that you were creative AND saved money!